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Friday, 15 November 2013

Upcycling a pair of jeans into a bag (Part 1)

For my first 'how-to', I have decided to show you how to upcycle a pair of old jeans into a bag.
£2 charity shop find

First of all, turn your pair of jeans inside out. Then starting with one of the trouser legs, cut along the sewn seam (See my scissors pointing to it!) carefully, so as to keep the cut edge as straight as possible.

Now, open out the trouser leg and you will see how much fabric you have to play with. Here, the width of the trouser leg will determine the maximum width of your bag.

At this point you must decide upon the height of your bag. 
I have chosen a height of 18 inches.

After making the necessary cuts, you should end up with two pieces of fabric as in the picture above. (Due to lighting conditions the colour of my fabric looks a little different but they are the same trouser legs - trust me!).

I should add here that the two pieces are not rectangular in shape. Do not worry about this as they do not have to be - there are no bag police!

In my next post, I will be adding some batting to the back of each piece and quilting them. It is at this point that you can get creative with your stitches!

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