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Friday, 22 November 2013

Upcycling a pair of jeans into a bag (Part 3)

To make the handles, first cut a 2.5" strip of fabric that matches your inner lining. Then cut a 1.5" strip of fabric from the remaining denim that you have - you will probably have to piece together the denim strips to make one long enough for the length you desire.

Next, layer the fabrics as shown with your batting at the bottom. The denim and lining fabrics are right sides together here. The batting is 1.5" wide, the same as the denim.

Then, line up the three layers and stitch a 1/4" seam down one side of the handle (See photo).

There will be some overhang of the lining fabric when you have finished as this is 2.5" wide and everything else is 1.5" wide. Take the overhang and line it up down the left-hand side of the denim strip and again stitch a 1/4" seam all the way down.

Turn the whole thing inside out using whatever method you can and it should resemble something like the photograph.

Finally, you will have to stitch-in-the-ditch down both sides and attach the handle to the bag using whatever method you wish.

I found that by creating this little triangle you can obtain a neater finish to your handle. I then stitched around the edges of the triangle to secure it in place.

See the stitching?

Finished at last ^_^

This bag is now FOR SALE, please contact me if you wish to purchase this item.

If you have any further comments then please leave a message before you go.

Thank you for looking.

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